Year Of The Worm

by Don Paris Schlotman



Every song is a month in the year. The year is a lifetime.

Dedicated to my family and friends.


released August 1, 2007

Written, produced, and performed by Don Paris Schlotman


all rights reserved



Don Paris Schlotman Brooklyn, New York

Funny and sad like a trainwreck full of clowns, Don Paris Schlotman is a Brooklyn-based musician. Most recently fronting wavegaze rock band Dolphins Don't Love on vocals and electric guitar.

Don was born in a freak accident, the seventh son of a lightning bolt and a mountain lion. He plays music the way some people fall over, and his artificial left eye can see 4 seconds into the future.
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Track Name: Fool's Errand
Feel like my train has
Jumped the track
Don't know if I will
Ever get back
But I know I got to keep rollin’ on
Rollin’ on my way
Devil's on my heels
Feels like he's there to stay
Ridin’ on these rails
‘Til I see my judgment day

Sky gonna open up
Bless my soul
And I hope that I'm not
Left alone
Down here on earth with my
Sins and troubles in my case
Dog at my heels
Movin’ from place to place
Bindle on my back
And tears rollin’ down my face

Bent over double
From the strain
Of all my troubles
Adding to my pain
The devil is beside me
Tempting me along the way
I can't be turned aside now
Can't afford to lose my way

Sometimes I feel like I'm
Gonna die
Makes me hang my head and
Wanna cry
But I got to keep movin’
Rollin on my way
Be'll carryin’ this burden
‘Til my judgment day
Track Name: Persephone
I'm truly sorry but this
Won't take long
My eyes are heavy and
My work is done
When you need me
Just recall this song
The day is over
Got to sleep now son

This is the goodbye
That we never had
Just live your life and
Do the best you can
Enjoy the good
Learn from the bad
It takes experience
To make a man
Track Name: In Like A Lion
I don't mind cryin’ and
I ain't afraid of dyin’
All for the love of you
Take away the ills and you'll
Cut out all the thrills
All for the love of you

Break away my heart
Just take it apart
All for the love of you
Rip apart my soul
And spit in the hole
All for the love of you

I don't mind sayin’
That my heart ain't breakin’
All for the love of you
But it bears repeatin’
That you'll never find me cheatin’
All for the love of you

When you look in my eye
Just makes me wanna die
All for the love of you
But I ain't cryin’
‘Cause I'm in like a lion
All for the love of you
Track Name: Out Like A Lamb
I'm still high but my
kite's coming down
I'm still holding the string
When it's flat on the ground
My spirits are up
And I don't know why
It's kinda funny
When you laugh
When you wanna cry

Wasn't long ago
It was up in the air
But when I think about it
I don't really care
You'd think I would feel dumb
But I act like a clown
I laugh like an
Ass ‘cause my
Kite's coming down

So I wind up my string
So carefully
It could have been worse
Could be stuck in a tree
I know I should care
But I don't give a damn
I'm not losing sleep
Cause I'm out like a lamb
Track Name: Camera Obscura
I wish the camera
Could see things
The way I do
I wish your mirror
Had known it
The way you knew
Shadows of life's reflection
Give a subtle clue
The pinhole my obsession
Lets the light shine through

This tiny chamber
In the dark
That I employ
To construct my art
Measure a feather
Against my heart
As time slowly fades

I see the shining reflection
Start to make sense
Project the future, the past
In the present tense
It's such a world of wonder
When you see through the fence
The pinhole my obsession
Captured at our expense

The tiny chamber
In the dark
That I employ
To construct my art
Set the stage
For the show to start
As the theme song plays

Present the angle
The title
For the public view
Sharpen the focus
A perspective
With a subtle skew
It's such a world of wonder
This debauched milieu
Traffic in vulgar ways now
For your big debut

This tiny chamber
In the dark
That we employ
To construct our art
Draw back the curtain
For the show to start
As the house lights fade
Track Name: Two Out of Three
Looking down through the clouds
I can see just how far we've come
Follow now, I'll show you how
To forget life and get over the sun

The air is clear and bright
If I can keep it right
We might find your way tonight

Throw the weight away let's fly away
That’s how it's done
Let's leave today, can't stand to stay
To hang on to something that’s done

The air is clear and bright
If I can just keep it right
We just might find your way tonight
Track Name: Happy Birthday, Columbia
In 14-hundred-and-92
Columbus sailed the ocean blue
He claimed it for the crown
The paradise he found
What was there to do?

Three hundred years came and went
And on a mission that was heaven sent
We fought for liberty and equality
As long as you could pay the rent

Happy birthday, Columbia
I know you're feeling out of place
Please don't cry for me
Because it's plain to see
The bruise upon your face

Please don't take this oh so personally
Because of rampant Nationality
Which is why things need to change
Fixed and rearranged
Égalité for you and me

Happy birthday, Columbia
Track Name: Building A Monster
They said I was crazy
They said I was mad
For building a monster
In my own head
Didn’t think you would notice
Didn’t think you would care
So come a little closer
Step into my lair

In the dead of night
You can see the lightning flashin
And in the dark of night
You can hear the thunder crashin
In my heart of hearts
I reject this world of fashion
In my heart of darkness
It’s my crime of passion!

I pieced it together
From random parts
A lover’s brain
And a killer’s heart
Induce the current
Apply the steam
Turnin’ this nightmare
Into reality

And my boundless love
You can see in every stitch
Strip off the bandages
When they start to itch
All my deepest fears
They come off without a hitch
At the stroke of midnight
That’s when I’ll throw the switch!

Building a monster!
Building a monster!
Building a monster!
I'm building a monster
In my own head!
Track Name: Masquerade
Sitting pretty getting
Ready for your day
A formal costume to
Keep your image straight
Adjust your collar
Comb your hair just the right way
It's all a lavish charade
It's just another masquerade

You try your hardest now
To keep it honest somehow
Until your final bow
When things will finally go your way

Slowly rolling up your stockings
Keep them nice and tight
You know you want to pull one
Over on them all tonight
You know your secrets but you
Keep them all just out of sight
With the mystery you've made
It's just another masquerade

Try to prove to yourself
You keep it true to your self
Until you're someone else
Things will always go your way

Make your face up with a
Rose upon each cheek
Coy yet flirtatious just enough
To make them want to peek
All of your charms you barely
Hide and that they always seek
It's like a tickertape parade
But it's just a masquerade

It's all a subtle game
This clever picture that you've made
And every time we play
It's just a pretty masquerade
Track Name: Luna
Luna came to me in a dream
Where killers walk and lovers scream
A simple place where I can keep things inside
She came to me and caressed my face
Sent my thoughts to outer space
Exposing to the world my place to hide

Luna's veins run with ice
We dance in circles and entice
Each afraid to quench the other's desire
When she's around she fills my head
With thoughts of how I might be dead
Were it not for the eternal fire

She reaches out and draws me in
We tangle in a pile of sin
Her smile a knife that thrusts into my eyes
She's cutting out my heart you see
The only way to get to me
A pain that makes me smile to my surprise

Then Luna hides her pretty face
As she’s fleeing from the place
Without a second look behind
Does she know how far she'll get
With just a smile and a cigarette?
A slender hope for a stranger kind
Track Name: Lullaby Argentine
My ghost is a memory
Of how I used to be
I haunt your house late at night
I stroll through the gallery
But you won’t believe in me
Until you turn out the light

I don’t know where we’re goin’
But I know just where I been
I can feel a chill wind blowin’
And if you walk away again
I’ve surely paid the price for sin

My heart is a melody
A dirge in a minor key
A tune to make it seem all right
It’s on your lips eternally
I haunt you oh so easily
Every time you turn out the light

Now time is a part of me
My life is a skeleton key
That opens your heart to my sight
We waltz in the gallery
And tango in your memory
After you turn out the light

I don’t know where we’re goin’
But I know just where I been
I feel a chill wind blowin’
… price for sin

Love still clings to me
Despite trying to set it free
Wraps me up good and tight
It keeps me warm at night you see
And you have truly haunted me
Every time I turn out the light

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